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Spirals - Climate Impact Staking on Celo

Who is this for?

Anyone holding Celo!

Whether you are an individual investor or treasury manager in the Celo ecosystem, staking with Spirals is the easiest way to make positive climate impact.

How does Spirals work?

When you stake with Spirals, we stake on your behalf on Celo's core smart contracts to provide the simplest staking experience possible.

Instead of staking yield, stakers receive proof of climate impact as well as $SPRL governance tokens to vote on how funding is allocated.

What can I do with $SPRL?

Climate projects in our portfolio are reviewed and approved by a committee of climate experts. Holders of $SPRL tokens can then vote on how funding should be allocated across all eligible projects!

Over a longer period of time, we plan to progressively decentralize the protocol and open up decision-making to governance coordinated by the $SPRL token

About Spirals
To building a better tomorrow and being good ancestors

Beyond staking crypto, our mission is to build regenerative infra for the new economy. We are huge believers in saving the planet and capitalism, but more importantly in that a financial system exists in which these can be aligned.

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Funding the Frontier

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How we maximize climate impact

Focused on delivering impact, not offsets

We believe in funding climate impact beyond offsetting carbon emissions. This means funding emerging climate tech that can drive impact at the global scale and in local communities .

Creating supply through carbon forwards

Emerging projects need initial funding to prove viability so our protocol purchases carbon forward contracts to help these projects get off the ground in exchange for future credits. 

Selecting high quality carbon projects

Everyone is incentivized to source new projects, and after that our committee of climate scientists will review and approve them. Here are some projects we are currently considering:

🌿 Seagrass Meadow Restoration (Menorca, Spain)

🐳 Atlantic Blue Whale Protection (Atlantic Ocean)

💧 Scaling water desalination (California, USA)

We are funding the frontier to accelerate the next generation of carbon removal. If you believe in this as well, join us by staking!

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Together, we'll move mountains.

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