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Spirals unlocks the potential of your cryptocurrency to save the world— all while you continue to use your favorite dApps.

Trusted by organizations everywhere

Plugging into green money

Deposit Token

Stake tokens to put them towards climate impact work

Receive Green Token

In return, receive a Green Version of your token

Participate in Defi

Green tokens can be used in dApps & protocols

Use green tokens across your favorite ecosystems

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Verifiable Climate Impact

Use gTokens across the crypto ecosystem

gTokens work like any other ERC20. See how organizations are leveraging gTokens to fight climate change.

Send Money

Kaala Pay, a payments app, is building a web3 decentralized venmo alternative to make money borderless. By using Spirals under the hood, Kaala and all of it’s users are healing the planet.

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Green Marketplace Fees

Senken, a marketplace that relies on regenerative transaction fees has integrated Spirals. By staking their fees through Spirals, Senken’s impact goes the extra mile.

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Pay Contributors

Remox is a treasury management solution. Not only can they support climate impact, all DAOs that use Remox, can make significant climate impact without spending money on offsets.

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Fund Grants

Climate Collective issues grants in gcUSD. They stake grants and issue grants to recipients, helping to maximize their impact on the climate.

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Supported Projects


Fighting plastic pollution through recovery projects around the world ♻️


Building open source digital systems for scaling climate action 🌐


Permanently shutting down low-producing and abandoned oil wells 🛢

Toucan NCTs

Tokenized carbon credits with nature-based methodologies 🦜

Regenerate Barichara

Building a regenerative bioregional economy in Colombia 🌿

Nature's Vault

Conserving natural capital through keeping gold in the ground 💛

Own Your Impact

You choose how to make an impact— but you can’t go wrong: every project has been vetted by the core team and climate experts.

Funds that are sent to projects purchase natural assets, like carbon credits. These credits are put into a shared treasury, owned by all members.