• Helena Merk

Building a Positive Climate Impact Flywheel with Eco Labs

We are excited to announce a collaboration between Spirals and Eco Labs!

The Eco Labs mission is to unlock the ability to issue ecological assets at small scales, creating a new career path: Regeneration as an occupation. They’re doing this by focusing on practice-based methodologies for environmental stewardship. Leveraging emerging innovations in dMRV (decentralized + digital measuring, reporting, and verification) to record Proof-of-Impact in a low cost and accessible way.

Together, Eco Labs and Spirals build a positive climate impact flywheel 🤸🏽

Collaboration roadmap:

  1. Eco Labs stakes with Spirals through $cUSD staking

  2. Eco Labs’ practice-based environmental credits are added for review to the climate council

  3. If approved, Eco Labs will immediately be eligible for funding!

Why Eco Labs?

To scale any climate solution, we need to scale remote monitoring and verification. The Impact App by the Eco Labs team does exactly this by:

  1. on-boarding Regenerators into dMRV ecosystems, and

  2. providing simple dMRV data capture via images & location verification via their mobile app.

The team behind Eco Labs is stellar: watching their progress in just the last few weeks in ReFi DAO founder circles, has been exciting.

With both projects building on Celo, committed to regenerative action, and embracing the collaborative spirit of ReFi, Eco Labs and Spirals make clear partners. In the future, there is potential for Spirals to leverage The Impact App to help verify climate projects they contribute to, and for Eco Labs to leverage the Spirals climate portfolio to help companies meet their sustainability goals.

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