• Helena Merk

In Person Community Building is Key to Combatting Climate Change: ReFi Spring Partners with Spirals

Spirals is excited to partner with ReFi Spring to spark optimism! We believe in-person gatherings are increasingly important. Scaling those is hard, and traveling across the world for conferences quickly becomes wasteful. ReFi Spring has activated local communities, turned members into leaders, and created pockets of Regens meeting up around the world.

What is ReFi Spring?

Refi Spring supports local organizers to initiate new ReFi communities through a range of gifts. We enable organizers to create an educational, interactive, and fun event, cultivating a local supportive community that can grow organically to suit local needs. Originating from some online conversations in late 2021. ReFi Spring officially launched in May 2022.

The project lead behind the blossoming of ReFi Spring, is Hereward. He stewards an international mixed gender mixed race team on a mission to bring optimism, education, and action to the masses.

What is Spirals?

Spirals provides evergreen funding for climate impact projects through an expertly advised, community funded ecosystem. We’re currently live on Celo, enabling anyone to make a climate impact by staking their CELO or cUSD (to join the beta, message us on twitter). We take a holistic approach towards climate impact and focus efforts to addressing root causes of climate change.

What is the partnership?

Spirals is funding climate impact projects around the world, and project success is often correlated with education and support by the community. The partnership between Spirals and ReFi Spring will lead to the creation of impact-centered events, bringing together local communities with the enthusiastic global ReFi community to create powerful educational and networking opportunities.

Spirals is also excited to bring educational content to our platform, and educating the Regen community is ReFi Spring’s speciality. We’re excited to collaborate on educational content and accelerate the degen to regen pipeline.

In addition to educational content and local community events, ReFi Spring will be one of the first to stake with Spirals! In return, ReFi Spring receives governance in the Spirals ecosystem, signaling influence over which projects receive financing.

Get Involved!

Attend a nearby ReFi event and sign up to be notified when the Intro to ReFi course goes live. To host your own event, access the toolkit, apply for funding and receive support.

Follow the journey by joining ReFi Spring on Telegram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram.